Sydney roofing

R​estore don't replace


To most people the roof is the last thing on their mind till it leaks !

Have you ever noticed your roof?

Have a good hard look.

Have you noticed any of these mentioned?

Sagging roof line  [ possible roof leaks causing timbers to get wet ]

Green moss and lichen growth  [ very unhealthy ]

Loss of colour on cement tiles  [ no protective layer ]

Loss of glaze on terracotta tiles  [ can become brittle and break easy and leak ]

Ridge cap cement cracking  and falling apart  [ will cause leaks ]

Rusty valleys  [ will leak ]

Well maybe it's time to restore your investment !

So if you're unsure what to do or whether your roof can be saved call the professionals

at Jnb we will ensure your roof restoration and or roof repairs are completed

without any problems.

In our roof restorations service we offer:


High pressure roof cleaning.


Leak repairs.

Re-bedding and tile roof repair.

Elimination of moss and fungus.

Replacing broken roof tiles.

Flexi pointing with the latest flexi point system on the market.

Application of roof coatings that will not only protect your roof, but will add many years of life to your roof.

Guttering and downpipes checked and replaced if needed.

It is a great deal less expensive to restore your old tired roof than to wait until it is gone and beyond repair.

When you restore your roof you are protecting your long term investment, enhancing the appearance of your home, safeguarding personal contents and increasing the overall value.

So in these times when we are all budgeting and trying to save, by restoring your roof now you are saving not only money but your home and lifestyle.

Sydney roofers

 WE cover all areas of sydney from Campbeltown -Hornsby - Penrith - Blacktown - Windsor - Richmond - Colo - Parramatta - Seven hills Dural -  North sydney - St ives - Pittwater - Mosmon - Lane cove - Liverpool - Hunters hill and all surrounding areas.